Who I Am — And What I Do

I have worked in “communications” of one-kind-or another for more than 25 years. This has taken me down many diverse paths including corporate writing, sales and management training, and investor relations. I have worked with companies large and small, public and private. This experience bridges several different sectors including high-tech, mining, real estate, financial education, small business and coaching. I have worked as writer and researcher for small publications and as a researcher/editor on a weekly column for a major financial newspaper.

In addition, I have experience with government organizations, universities, scientific institutions, film & television companies and web-design firms. I have also run my own small companies and had partners in others. Recently I completed an intense ESL program because I felt it would help in assisting clients where English is not their first language. Want more details? A separate client page outlines these in more detail.)

I am a writer by profession and a historian by training. I have a BA from the University of Victoria, with a double major in Creative Writing (Co-Op Program) and History (First Class Honours). My creative writing specialty was in the non-fiction stream, which included journalism and “creative non-fiction”.  I also obtained an MA in History from the University of Ottawa, where I specialized in Canadian Social History.

I also put in two years at UBC working towards a Ph.D. in History (Now there’s a long story!). My areas of interest were History of India and Canadian History. One of the great joys of my academic life was having the opportunity to teach and to conduct historical research, two of my major passions.

I also strongly relate to how one financial analyst who describes himself as an “unrepentant generalist finding my way in a world of specialists.” The generalist is sometimes described as a person with a “broad general knowledge, especially one with more than superficial knowledge in several areas and the ability to combine ideas…” In the ideal sense of the word, the generalist evolves into the “renaissance thinker.” It could be a while yet before I earn that rather esteemed designation, but I do bring to the job a wide range of valuable experiences and skills.

Our modern age of communications – even with its computers, internet and “New Media” platforms – has changed surprisingly little from generations past. We still need to communicate effectively – to share our emotions along with our ideas. Certainly the language of science and commerce is more precise than in ages past. But it is also true that we have lost a lot of colour, emotional richness and vitality from our written and spoken word.

Then again, it is equally true that we have also gained much in the technological ability to blend graphics, video, music and sound and other design elements — along with words – into exciting new communication forms that are continuously evolving. But we still need solid research. We still need great content. We still need a rich imagination. We still need great stories – Stories With Purpose. And, that’s where I come in….